May 02, 2016 04:03 PM

People can really be the worst sometimes. (Most of the time, to be perfectly honest.)

Bus driver Amos Paul Mak had finished his shift as a London bus driver on April 28, when he noticed that he had one passenger who hadn’t disembarked: A lonely-looking dog. It was 9:30 p.m., and he offered to take the dog home with him, but company regulations forbade that. He attempted to move the dog to another bus, but it was too scared and refused to be moved.




Mak shared the photo to a private Facebook group, and another man, Ricky Hatton, documented the dog’s plight on Twitter.




The dog, who has since been named Bus-ter, was apparently recognized over the weekend: Another bus driver claims he was walking in the park with his owner when he was snatched from her and apparently taken onto the bus from there.




The pair are scheduled for a “meet-collect,” as Mak termed it, on Tuesday via the local shelter. Hopefully that will result in a happy ending for this story, and all we’ll have to deal with is the sad memory of Bus-ter’s lonely night on the bus, now forever in the past.

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