This Director Loves His Rescue Dog Bruno So Much, He Made an Entire Netflix Series About Him

Writer/Director/Actor/Musician Solvan "Slick" Naim knows you'll fall in love with his rescue dog after watching It's Bruno on Netflix

Puppy love is real and it is powerful, Solvan “Slick” Naim knows.

The rapper and director is so devoted to his rescue dog Bruno, he decided to write and direct a Netflix/Stage 13 series about his puggle (pug/beagle mix) — and name it after the dog — so the whole world could fall in love with his pooch’s expressive face and sweet personality.

“He’s got so much going on. He’s a funny dog — funny enough to inspire me to write,” Naim told PEOPLE about his furry muse.

The show’s creator, who also costars beside his dog in the show It’s Bruno, adopted the dog Bruno five years ago as a companion for himself and his other dog Bella. Bruno quickly became a part of Naim’s Brooklyn neighborhood of Bushwick — a place that serves as its own character in the series.

“It’s a comedy about a love story between a man and his dog in the quirky neighborhood of Bushwick. I was always a fan of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm; it’s like that but with dogs in the hood,” Naim said of It’s Bruno, which premieres on Netflix on May 17.

Dog lovers can expect plenty of humor aimed at their everyday experiences, like, as the exclusive sneak peek above shows, what happens when another dog owner tries to have an ad-hoc obedience competition with you.

Naim says some of the anecdotes in the show are made up, other are exaggerated, but many are pulled from real experiences he and Bruno have encountered walking the blocks of Bushwick.

It’s Bruno!

Naim hopes his literal pet project, which also features new music from the director/writer, resonates with those who know the deep friendship dogs can provide, and teaches a few things to viewers who might not know much about the inner workings of Brooklyn and pet ownership.

He is also excited to show off his rescue pup. Naim calls Bruno the “best actor” of the series, both on-camera and off. According to him, Bruno never missed a mark, outperformed the trained animals on set, and was always ready to share a smile with his cast mates.

“The world’s going to fall in love with him,” he added.

It’s Bruno premieres on Netflix on May 17. Naim’s new album Proof of Concept drops the same day.

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