Soldier Seeking Help to Save Stray Dog He Befriended During Deployment After Pup Is Poisoned

Benji the stray dog was poisoned by an unknown individual and now requires around-the-clock emergency veterinary care

soldier working to rescue poisoned dog
Photo: Paws of War

Army Staff Sergeant Laza is looking for help to save his four-legged friend.

Staff Sgt. Laza is currently stationed overseas, according to Paws of Wars — a nonprofit that helps active military and veterans protect their pets. During his time abroad, the soldier befriended two stray dogs that developed a habit of hanging around his base.

He quickly formed a deep bond with the two canines, which he named Turbo and Benji, and worked to keep the animals fed and safe. Unfortunately, an unidentified individual poisoned both of the dogs. Turbo died because of the callous act, and Benji is fighting for his life.

Worried about his furry friend, Staff Sgt. Laza reached out to Paws of War for help saving the dog. The nonprofit got Benji veterinary care, but the dog's medical bills are steadily growing as the canine receives around-the-clock medical attention.

soldier working to rescue poisoned dog
Paws of War

"It's really awful what happened to these poor dogs," Dereck Cartright, a disabled veteran who is the stateside logistics coordinator at Paws of War, said in a statement. "The Staff Sgt. is pleading for help to keep Benji alive, and they have reached out to us. We will do everything we can, but we need the community to support our efforts."

To ensure that Benji has the best shot at surviving this cruel incident, Paws of War has started a fund to cover the dog's medical bills. Donations go directly to Benji's care and keep Staff Sgt. Laza, who is distraught over the attack on his canine companions, from covering any expenses.

soldier working to rescue poisoned dog
Paws of War

"I cannot believe that someone poisoned my dogs; it breaks my heart," says Army Staff Sgt. Laza. "I'm so grateful for all the support that Paws of War and the people in the community provide in helping to save Benji. It's such a blessing to have people to turn to."

To stay updated on Benji's condition and to donate to his care, visit Paws of War's fundraiser for the pooch.

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