U.S. Soldier Needs Help Rescuing Kittens She Cared for While Overseas: 'I'm Their Mom Now'

Sgt. Lizbeth found kittens Joan and Flo hiding under a porta-potty to protect themselves from hot weather

Kittens rescued by solider overseas
Photo: paws of war

Two tiny kittens are preparing for a big journey.

U.S. Army Sergeant Lizbeth rescued the little felines — named Joan and Flo — while serving in the Middle East, according to a release from Paws of War.

Sgt. Lizbeth found the stray animals cowering under a porta-potty for relief from the extreme heat and knew she needed to step in to help the kittens.

The animal lover brought Joan and Flo — found without food, water, or a mother nearby — to her base and cared for the kittens. She helped the adorable duo gain weight and get healthy. It didn't take Sgt. Lizbeth long to bond with the baby animals and notice each kitten's personality.

Flo is an energetic climber and "spider-kitty," while Joan is much more "laid back," Sgt. Lizbeth told Paws of War.

After helping the kittens grow and thrive, Sgt. Lizbeth received orders to move to a new base. Unable to bring Flo and Joan with her and unwilling to leave the kittens behind, Sgt. Lizbeth reached out to Paws of War for help.

Kittens rescued by solider overseas
paws of war

"I can't imagine leaving them behind," Sgt. Lizbeth said in a statement. "I wish for them to be relocated back to my home so that when I finish my deployment, I can be reunited with them. I'm their mom now and love these little furry babies!"

Paws of War helps veterans keep the animals they connect with while stationed overseas. The nonprofit handles the complex logistics required to transport a pet internationally safely and fundraises to cover the costs involved with the trip.

"We can make these missions possible with the help of caring people, but they do not come cheap," Derek Cartwright, a veteran and the coordinator for Paws Of War, said.

Kittens rescued by solider overseas
paws of war

Paws of War is raising money to cover the expenses involved in Joan and Flo's relocation. Eventually, with the help of other animal lovers, Sgt. Lizbeth will give the kittens a forever home with her in the U.S.

"Sergeant Lizbeth is serving our country. This is the least we can do for her and certainly for the two babies she saved," Cartwright added.

To learn more about Sgt. Lizbeth and her rescue kittens, and how you can help them reunite in the U.S., visit Paws of War's fundraiser.

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