Beethoven the yellow Lab disappeared from his porch on Sunday afternoon

By Amy Jamieson
October 20, 2015 08:33 PM

Thanks to a Facebook post, Beethoven is back.

The yellow Lab went missing from his owner’s front porch in Vancouver, Washington, on Sunday afternoon after sitting by the side of his owner Blake Hardin, who is blind. Hardin went inside to get something, reports, and when he returned the pup was gone.

“I came back out and went, ‘Uh oh, he must have wandered off,’ ” Hardin said.  

The dog was not wearing his guide dog vest that day and new ID tags for his collar with his address on them were en route in the mail — not hanging around Beethoven’s neck.

Worried about where the pooch might be, Hardin grabbed his cane and began walking through the neighborhood, calling the dog’s name.

Hardin, who has been blind since birth and recently moved to Vancouver from Alabama so he could learn to tune pianos at the School of Piano Technology for the Blind, returned home without Beethoven and even went to school the next day without his pooch, although he missed his constant companion.

Friends posted missing signs around town for Hardin and the poster circulated on Facebook, too.

Luckily, the 10-year-old pup didn’t wander too far from home. A local family told they took the dog in after he showed up on their front porch around 2 a.m.

They considered keeping the sweet pup until they saw a story on social media about a man who was searching for his seeing eye dog. A missing poster (above) listed Hardin’s phone number, which they called after realizing it was the same dog.

“I gave him a big doggie hug,” said Hardin, who was reunited with Beethoven on Monday. “I’m just glad he’s safe and nothing happened to him.”

“They wanted to keep him because he’s such a good dog,” Hardin told, after meeting the family who was so kind to his dog.  “But obviously they were happy to give him back when they learned about me on Facebook.”