December 06, 2010 03:12 PM

America’s youngest panda turned 1 month old today, and it looks like he’s found the perfect way to celebrate – with a nap.

The still-unnamed cub, who lives with his mother, Lun Lun, at Zoo Atlanta, received a physical exam today. The zoo reports that he’s “very healthy” and is starting to resemble his father, Yang Yang.

The baby panda is growing more independent, and the zoo writes on its panda blog that “he wiggles and stretches and exercises his muscles” when he is alone. Being the little guy that he is, though, he still spends time with mom, where they have been spied giving each other Eskimo kisses.

When the cub turns 100 days old, he will get his official name. Until then, we’ll just have to call him Cutie.

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