Injured wild hedgehog is mending at the hospital (with a bright pink cast)

By Helin Jung
Updated May 04, 2010 11:45 AM

For a spiny hedgehog with a broken leg and broken pelvis, Northhampton is doing as well as can be.

She’s sporting a hot pink cast, and walking “reasonably well” thanks to the cast’s super lightweight material. In a few months, Northhampton, so named because of where she was found, will be back wandering through British gardens as though nothing ever happened.

How did a hedgehog wind up at the hospital with these injuries? Hard to say.

She first dragged herself into a backyard garden in a town north of London. She didn’t look to be doing well, so the residents there called the St. Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital, where staff gave the injured critter some X-rays and found that she had a few broken bones.

“She looked like she’d been trodden on, but I can’t see anybody treading on her because she’s very prickly,” Tiggywinkles founder Les Stocker tells “She might have been clipped by a car and knocked off the road, but we don’t really know what happened.”

Tiggywinkles staff wrapped her broken leg in a cast, but the pelvis will have to heal on its own. The hospital will assess her progress and make sure she’s able to give birth normally. Both breaks should heal in about six weeks, and Northhampton will stay in the hospital for another few months before she’s released “into a nice garden.”

As for whether she gets along with the other patients, she doesn’t really. In fact, the hedgehogs would rather be alone than have to deal with each other.

“We have to keep them on their own,” Stocker says. “They’re grumpy to each other.”