Santa Barbara Humane Society
June 13, 2017 12:57 PM

“Lucy” is one of the country’s most popular dog names, so you’d think Lucy the California shelter dog would be a hit.

And she is, with the staff of Santa Barbara Humane Society, who describe her as a “happy” canine that loves to give “lots of kisses.”

The issue is, somehow, no adopters have fallen for this stunning sweetheart. Lucy has been at the shelter waiting for a forever home for almost 2 years, arriving at the facility in October 2015.

Santa Barbara Humane Society

She has watched hundreds of dogs go home with happy families, all while keeping a smile on her face. The staff of the Santa Barbara Humane Society hopes that 5-year-old Lucy will be walking out of their door sometime soon too, even though they will miss her.

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Shelter employees told PEOPLE that Lucy would do best in a home where she is the only pet, and she will certainly provide affection and loyalty to her forever family — wherever they are!

To learn more about how to bring this smiley sweetie home, visit

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