The little pups are receiving donations from animal lovers as far away as Mexico

It’s an unthinkable sight: 20 tiny puppies left for dead in the harsh temperatures of Saskatchewan, Canada.

But that is what Greg Zubiak came across on Friday while hunting moose in the woods.

Zubiak told the CBC he found the animals huddled together in the cold weather with no help in sight. The hunter quickly stripped off his sweaters and bundled up the puppies before putting them in his truck and driving to Battleford’s Humane Society.

Caretakers at the shelter said the pups arrived flea-covered and cold and that all of the mixed-breed dogs are between three and six weeks old.

Zubiak believes the dogs were abandoned with just a blanket on the day he found them. The innocent animals most likely would have died due to exposure or coyotes if they were left outside for much longer.

Luckily, all of the puppies made it to the shelter safely and are expected to make a full recovery – plus they certainly don’t have to worry about finding homes. Ever since the small shelter asked for help from the public, Battleford’s Humane Society has been inundated with adoption requests, donations and volunteers.

The story of the puppies has gone viral, with donations coming in all the way from Mexico. Thousands of dollars in food, toys and other supplies have poured in from other parts of North America over the past few days.

The humane society’s Michelle Spark said the shelter will soon begin sorting through all of the adoption requests. Zubiak hopes the animals go to good homes, but he is unsure yet if he wants to adopt one of the puppies he saved.

The 20 new arrivals initially had the small facility scrambling to find the help and supplies needed to care for them all. There is now several new volunteers at the shelter, but Spark told the CBC they could always use an extra set of hands to assist with feeding and cleaning the puppies until they go to their forever homes.

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