For just $600 you can spend a night under the stars with the sloths

By Kelli Bender
March 20, 2017 04:32 PM

It’s time to grab your sleeping bag, friendship bracelet materials and step out of the furnished basement, because slumber parties have a hot new locale.

The Zoological Wildlife Conservation Center is offering SLOTH SLEEPOVERS! That’s right, you, your Backstreet Boys poster and your fuzzy robe are invited to come over and get cuddly with some of slowest playmates our great Earth has to offer.

The Rainier, Oregon, wildlife rescue is offering anyone who has a ride and $600 a chance to sleep among the stars and sloths, reports For a $600 price tag you get a two person tent and a chance to join 15 other sloth-fanatics in one of the most adorable overnights around, including a Q&A with the center’s employees. This is a rare chance to observe the natural behavior of this elusive animal at the time when it is the most active.

Like your middle school sleepovers of yore, there are some rules. Children younger than 16 need to have a parent or guardian present. No whispering about your crushes either; there is no noise or talking allowed during the night as not to disturb the sloths.

If you can’t keep the gossip to yourself, or are interested in a less intensive sloth encounter, the center also provides an hour-long educational session for $100.