The mother 3-toed sloth climbed down from the tree she was in after hearing her baby's call

An animal rescue in Limon, Costa Rica, worked quickly to reunite a baby three-toed sloth with its mother.

According to Jaguar Rescue Center‘s Facebook, the mom-baby pair somehow got separated from one another.

On May 8, the baby was brought to the rescue after a Good Samaritan found the little animal alone.

The center, which specializes in providing care to injured, ill and orphaned animals, spent the next two days searching for the sloth’s mother in the area where the baby was found.

In an effort to lure the mother into sight, the rescue played a recording of the baby’s calls over a loudspeaker.

The tactic worked! Like many moms, the mother sloth responded to her child’s shouts for help and climbed down the tree where she was staying to get closer to the sound.

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With the mom’s location pinpointed, the rescue was able to reunite her with her baby — a sweet moment that was caught on camera.

In the clip, you can see the mother sloth eagerly hug her baby to her body before they both take off (slowly) into the trees together again.