Courtesy the National Aviary
November 02, 2017 04:21 PM

Valentino is a sweet two-toed sloth with a little bit of spook in him.

The slow-moving stud is a Halloween baby, born on Oct. 31 two years ago, which means he recently celebrated a birthday.

His friends at The National Aviary, where he resides, threw him a raging bash on Oct. 29, so he didn’t have to compete with the holiday. By raging, we mean raging from a sloth’s perspective.

There wasn’t loud music and dirty dancing, but there was a cake made of vegetables and a giant birthday card signed by all of Valentino’s fans. Visitors to his fiesta were treated to pipe cleaner crafts and a storytime session — the book was the aptly titled Sloth’s Birthday Party.

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The National Aviary will take any opportunity to celebrate Valentino, who is an adorable, kind ambassador for his species.

Slow, but not shy, the 2-year-old sloth is always eager to attend a party in his honor, especially if it includes a chance to spread smiles.

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