Valentino the sloth celebrated his big 0-2 with a cake made out of vegetables

By Kelli Bender
November 02, 2017 04:21 PM
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Credit: Courtesy the National Aviary

Valentino is a sweet two-toed sloth with a little bit of spook in him.

The slow-moving stud is a Halloween baby, born on Oct. 31 two years ago, which means he recently celebrated a birthday.

His friends at The National Aviary, where he resides, threw him a raging bash on Oct. 29, so he didn’t have to compete with the holiday. By raging, we mean raging from a sloth’s perspective.

There wasn’t loud music and dirty dancing, but there was a cake made of vegetables and a giant birthday card signed by all of Valentino’s fans. Visitors to his fiesta were treated to pipe cleaner crafts and a storytime session — the book was the aptly titled Sloth’s Birthday Party.

The National Aviary will take any opportunity to celebrate Valentino, who is an adorable, kind ambassador for his species.

Slow, but not shy, the 2-year-old sloth is always eager to attend a party in his honor, especially if it includes a chance to spread smiles.