If you’re not swayed by that headline, there’s probably no hope for you

By Alex Heigl
August 24, 2015 07:00 PM

It’s a hamster in a tiny hammock. We’re unsure of what more you could want here.

You know how this goes. You’ve seen the videos of hamsters eating tiny Thanksgiving dinners, hamsters drinking tiny Tiki drinks, hamsters tending tiny bars and even – heartbreakingly – hamsters being saved by tiny oxygen masks.

So let’s not pretend. It’s Monday afternoon, and the slings and arrows of the work week have already pierced the tender covering of your soul, scarred though it already is by an indeterminate length of time spent as a member of modern “society.” (It really doesn’t matter the length of time, we assume it was scarring.) You need this hamster. Lose yourself in his eyes. Watch his little cheeks puff up as he eats. Feel at ease again.

You may not even be reading this anymore. Just watch the hamster. Shh. It will be fine.

For more videos of Jaieden Ace Shen’s hamster Enoki, check out his YouTube channel!