Rabbit Named Cookie — Who Loves to Skateboard — Brings 'Smiles' to Children's Hospital Patients

Ron Gudel, Cookie's owner, says that the bunny "has been skateboarding most of his life"

cookie the rabbit
Photo: Ron Gudel

Cookie, a skateboarding rabbit, loves cruising the pavement!

The 7-year-old bunny, who resides in Windsor, Canada, developed a deep love for skateboarding early on, according to a news report from CBS-affiliate WUSA 9.

The furry animal's owner, Ron Gudel, told the outlet that Cookie "has been skateboarding most of his life."

Cookie isn't just a bunny boarder. According to WUSA 9, the talented pet also volunteers at local children's hospitals, where he visits patients and puts "smiles" on kids' faces.

CBS Sunday Morning reported that the animal also "enjoys tobogganing, biking, and picnics" and that Cookie "has no cage and eats his meals at the family table."

Cookie, who "loves lettuce, carrots, and applause," also appears in his owner's magic shows as well, according to Gudel's official website.

Described as "a member of the show and more importantly, a member of the family," Cookie "makes special appearances at numerous charity events and shows."

"He is a crowd-pleaser like no other," the website states of the lion head rabbit. "Kids and adults alike gather to pet and take pictures with him."

The site adds that Cookie was "raised in show business," and as Gudel's frequent stage companion, the rabbit "is no stranger to large stages and crowds."

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