Sir Barks-a-Lot, Your Suit (of Armor) Is Ready

Washington metalsmith Andy Leider crafts $500 canine suits of armor.

Does your dog like to bark at trolls, joust for gold and chase bawdy barmaids? Then this suit’s for him! The Pit Bull Armory in Washington state sells the Renaissance-inspired armor, including helmet and accordian-like protection for the front legs and tail, for about $400 to $500, depending on size. Made of lightweight aluminum, it’s a custom fit so you and your dog will have to make a trip to the shop to be measured by armorer Andy Leider – unless you have your eye on leather or heavy-duty plastic versions.

Leider makes his living selling human armor to customers who want the look for Renaissance fairs, decoration, Halloween or to participate in full-speed, full-contact Society for Creative Anachronism fights (think medieval shields and weapons). Leider got the idea to make dog armor because his white English Staffordshire terrier Spok was his constant companion in the shop. “In the beginning, when I was first learning to shape metal, there was nobody to put it on but me and Spok,” Leider tells PEOPLE Pets.

Because the canine armor is a bit heavy – the tough-looking exterior actually slows a dog down – it’s just for fun, Leider says. “It’s not really built for him to do cartwheels” – or dog jousting. And now that Spok is 11, Leider says the dog’s suit will serve as a memorial when he passes on. “When he checks out on me, his armor will still stand beside me,” he says.

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