Keys puts her paws up in the air like she just don't care

This pussycat doesn’t need a posse; she’s a big deal all on her own. Everyone, put your paws up in the air and then bow down to ‘Goal Kitty.’

Keys the cat first shot to fame on Imgur, where his owner’s friend posted a series of impressive photos.

Peter Mares, who lives in Dana Point, California, is the purr-son behind Goal Kitty’s paws up pose. Mares told the Huffington Post that he just happened to notice his cat’s tendency to strike the curious, celebratory stance a few times and then started to snap her picture to capture the moment. Of course, rewarding her with treats after and saying “I know what you want!” helped reinforce the hilarious and adorable behavior.

The friend who first posted pics of Keys to Imgur has since started an Instagram account in honor of “Goal Kitty,” where fans can now grab her image and amuse themselves for hours embedding Keys into all manner of paws up-worthy scenarios.

Summer Olympics 2016, you’ve been warned.