The former Idol contestant asks fans to help choose a name for her new friend.

By People Staff
Updated January 22, 2009 08:03 PM

Former American Idol finalist Kellie Pickler made an unusual announcement on her MySpace page recently: She adopted a marmoset monkey! In a post entitled “Monkey See…Monkey Do,” Pickler wrote,

“The “Pickler Family” has gotten bigger….(and no I didn’t have a kid)…I adopted a Marmoset Monkey! She is the cutest little thing. She is so tiny, only weighs 3 ounces right now. I’m not sure exactly what I am going to name her….so maybe you guys can help me out. I’ll post a picture of her and you guys can comment on what you think I should name her….she is so sweet and she has the best personality. I absolutely love her!!!….and I love you guys too….xoxo pickler :)”

Marmosets, which are generally just about 8 inches in length, have claws instead of nails, and long lower incisor teeth that help them chew holes in trees (they lack wisdom teeth). The tiny monkeys – who generally run a body temperature of only 7 degrees – are active little guys, and feed on insects, fruit and leaves. We’ll be interested to hear how Pickler fares with her new friend!