May 14, 2009 09:12 PM

As he does every week on American Idol, Simon Cowell is speaking his mind. This time the focus is on purebred dogs, the First Pup and Michael Vick.

“I get really annoyed when people start telling me about the make and the model of their dog like [for] a car …. A dog is a dog, no matter what background they’ve got,” the Idol judge tells PETA in a new interview.

Cowell also thinks that the First Family, who recently added a purebred Portuguese Water Dog, Bo, to their family, should adopt a shelter dog. “What I think would be great would be if they also took in a shelter dog, just from anywhere, to balance it,” he says. “I’ll even pay for the dog food!”

He also shared his thoughts on what makes him angriest about people who are cruel to animals, like convicted dogfighter Michael Vick.

“I think the fact that they get an enjoyment out of it. I think the disrespect – a dog’s sole purpose in life is to guard you, and it’s your responsibility, and the dog will give up his life for you – would literally die for you–is unbelievable! It shows a really … like Michael Vick. He should never, ever be publicly supported again.”

The interview also revealed something interesting about the tough-talking judge: He might actually bite his acid tongue when faced with an animal-loving contestant. “Well, funny enough, there’s normally something that connects me to them,” he says. “Certainly with Carrie [Underwood], the second she walked in, I sensed a real kindness about her, and I think it’s part of her appeal. And to me, it just shows that you’re a nicer person.”

To read more of Simon Cowell’s interview with PETA, click here.

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