January 30, 2018 03:05 PM

If you have been pawing around the Internet in the last 24 hours, you’ve probably seen the above video. It’s a rat that appears to be deep in some sudsy body wash, scrubbing itself in a eerily human way.

Some are saying it’s fake. Some are saying it’s freaky. But I think everyone can agree that this clip is pretty fascinating and also kind of funny. Even if you are terrified of rats, it’s nice to know that somewhere out there a rodent could be having the same, deep shower thoughts as you.

While we are only just now nearing the ending of January, the world wide web and world at large have already produced some seriously memorable pet videos in 2018, including our friend Shower Rat.

To help get you through the week and to celebrate making it through the first month of this year, we are looking back at all the hilariously beautiful animal moments the Internet has given us so far.

Piggy Doesn’t Want to Play 

If only all alarm clocks were as cute as this very persistent dog.

Ballsy Penguin Hops Aboard Australian Antarctic Boat 

Don’t call him a stowaway! Adventurous, fearless, brazen, curious — sure. But the Adelie penguin who hopped from out of nowhere (OK, from out of the freezing water … to be exact!) was a welcome visitor aboard the Australian Antarctic Division’s small research boat.

Puppy Perplexed by Windshield Wipers

Human! What is this magic?

Fiona the Baby Hippo Gets Her First Taste of Snow

After a big year of firsts, social media darling Fiona the baby hippo started off 2018 by tasting a new treat.

This Dog Really Loves Cheese!

This dog may be my 2018 spirit animal.

Dog Goes to Sleep

Why are we spending so much time teaching pets to sit and stay, when we could be investing our energy in teaching them how to tuck themselves into bed?

Dog Goes Sledding All by Herself

This pup doesn’t care if the rest of us have to work, it’s a snow day for her!

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Wow, this is just the first taste, the amuse-bouche of 2018, if you will. Looks like this year might be the funniest, cutest and most awe-inducing year of pet videos yet.

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