Shiro was known for staying calm, no matter what was happening around him — or what was piled on his head 

By Maria Pasquini
March 11, 2020 04:00 PM

Shironeko, otherwise known as Shiro the cat, has died.

Shiro’s death was announced earlier this week on a popular fan page dedicated to the Internet-famous feline, an 18-year-old Turkish Van cat who hailed from Japan.

“Our beloved Shironeko,” read the post. “March 8th, 2002 – March 2nd, 2020.”

A variety of photos highlighting Shiro’s calm, cool and collected nature were also shared alongside the short note, including several shots that appeared to show the cat fast asleep, even while a variety of items — including a stack of peppers and a whole head of cauliflower — were piled on top of his head.

Another adorable photo showed Shiro looking peacefully zen as he stuck his tongue out while being carried in a basket.

The beloved cat was mourned by many online.

“Goodbye Shironeko. We will always remember you,” wrote one fan, while another added, “Bye-bye Shiro-chan. You’ve lived a good life. Thank you for existing. I love you 😢💕”

“Shiro, my friend. I miss you very much. It is hard to accept that you are gone because you have left so many paw prints on everyone’s heart,” added a third.

In addition to frequently being made into a meme due to his chill disposition, Shiro — who is also known as Basket Cat — had his own YouTube and Instagram page.

Shiro was even named the most important cat of 2011 by Buzzfeed, which branded him as the “most relaxed cat in the world.”

“Shironeko, who first appeared in our lives last year took his innovative, inspirational, and, frankly, revolutionary brand of relaxation to new heights throughout 2011 — a year which, like all the years of his life thus far, left him utterly unfazed,” the outlet wrote.