Hina, a white Shiba Inu dog, loves to pull faces whenever she is posed with the rest of her Shiba family
Credit: @yokokikuchi_ks / Caters News

For Hina, every photo is the "fun one."

The white Shiba Inu dog from Hong Kong is not one to sit on her pretty paws and pose politely for the camera. Her habit of pulling faces instead of staying still and smiling has earned Hina a prankster reputation.

The pooch's owner, Yoko Kikuchi, has an Instagram (@yokokikuchi_ks) filled with shots of Hina and her Shiba Inu siblings: Sasha, Kikko and Momo. In most of the shots, Hina is goofing off alongside the other pups — yawning, sneering or licking — while the other dogs smile perfectly at the camera.

Kikuchi told the Daily Mail that what is so odd about Hina's adorable shenanigans is that the Shiba Inu is often the best behaved of the bunch outside of photoshoots, not even needing a leash on walks. And though Hina might seem like a big personality, her owner says that the canine is usually shy around humans, but adores other dogs.

Humans love Hina. Kikuchi's Instagram has over 94,000 followers, among them are many Hina fans.

"HINA ur so cute!" commented one of the dog's many admirers on a recent shot of Hina with her siblings by a lake. "Hina so funny," added another on the same photo.

Some of Hina's prankster reputation can be attributed to Kikuchi's photo skills. The owners says that the white dog yawns a lot, so it is always easy to catch photos of Hina making funny faces.