July 19, 2016 09:58 PM
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Abandoned, recovering and separated from her puppies, Prissy needed a friend.

So a staff member at the Conway Area Humane Society in New Hampshire crawled into the 4-year-old hound mix’s cage and curled up beside the pup, who was recovering from her spay surgery.

According to ABC News, Prissy and her three puppies, who are all newborns, ended up at the shelter after they were found abandoned in a junk yard. While Prissy is a strong mom, she was having “a tough time” coming out of anesthesia, said shelter director Virginia Moore.

“Chrissy [Ireland], our kennel supervisor, didn’t want her to wake up alone,” Moore added, saying the supervisor ended up crawling into the cage and curling up beside the dog.

“I saw [Prissy] and she was all shaky and she didn’t feel good,” Ireland told ABC News. “It made me feel so sad for her. So I just found myself laying on the floor with her and kissing her and loving her.”

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“Coming out of anesthesia and you’re behind walls and you’re behind a gate; it’s just scary,” she continued. “I know if I was getting fixed and I woke up in a kennel, I’d be scared.”

Fellow shelter worker Debra Cameron caught Ireland and Prissy’s tender moment on camera and shared the clip on Facebook, where it has been viewed over 90,000 times.

Ireland hopes the video helps Prissy and her pups find forever homes.


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