10 Shelter Dogs Who Made Amazing Transformations to Look Their Best for National Dog Day

Shelters helped these neglected dogs find a new start with a good grooming session

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Courtesy Wahl and GreaterGood.org

America's Dirtiest Dog has been revealed! Each year Wahl and Greatergood.org partner to find the most amazing shelter dog makeovers, awarding the top three most transformed dirty dogs with grant money for their shelters. The winners are chosen by an online vote, and 2017's champion has been announced. Meet Sissy, the winner of the Dirty Dogs Contest and a $5,000 grant, who required an 8-hour grooming session from Suncoast Animal League in Palm Harbor, Florida, to remove all her mats and tangles.

The good news is that she and the nine other finalists are all cleaned up and on their way to forever homes, just in time for National Dog Day on Aug. 26.

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Courtesy Wahl and GreaterGood.org

This formerly scraggly sweetie was pulled off the streets by Los Angeles Animal Control and taken in by J.J. Woofin' Paws Rescue Agency. At first, the rescue couldn't tell what sex Wookie was because of all his mats. After cleaning up the pup and showing him kindness, the shelter was able to find Wookie the perfect home. The rescue's amazing work with Wookie won them a $2,000 grant.

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Courtesy Wahl and GreaterGood.org

Before his transformation, Stubin was dumped on the side of the road in a crate by his previous owner. CARES Rescue in Brooksville, Florida, scooped him up and removed all that dirty fur. Under the mats they found a playful Cocker Spaniel who adores toys and attention. Stubin's impressive comeback story won the rescue a $1,000 grant.

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Courtesy Wahl and GreaterGood.org

Andy was saved from a high-kill shelter with moments to spare. Things didn't look good, but a long bath and the removal of a bad eye totally chaged Andy's perspective. The 12-year-old dog was spotted online by a dog lover in New Jersey who took a three hour cab ride to adopt Andy and bring him home.

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Courtesy Wahl and GreaterGood.org

This pair lived neglected in a basement for five years before they were saved and made over in a way that allowed their golden doodle coats to truly shine. It took three groomers to unearth these adorable dogs, but it was worth it. The pup pals are in a new, loving home together.

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Courtesy Wahl and GreaterGood.org

This Pekingese/Shih Tzu mix was surrendered after his owner could no longer care for him. He was turned over with fur growing into his eyes, clumps of hair falling out and itchy allergy issues. Vets and groomers gently cared for Dexter, getting rid of his bothersome extra fur and starting him on a health regimen that addresses his eye and skin issues. The rescue caring for the 1-year-old canine also found him a home willing to give Dexter all the TLC he needs.

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Courtesy Wahl and GreaterGood.org

Gibbs was pulled from horrible conditions at a backyard breeder. At that moment, he was a filthy, depressed dog who hadn't had a walk or a chance to socialize in months. Even though Gibbs was covered in urine, feces and mats, he still managed to show off his affectionate side, which only grew after he completed his stunning transformation.

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Courtesy Wahl and GreaterGood.org

Look at that smile! You can tell Luigi is feeling like a whole new dog after going through an hours-long grooming session to remove all his dirty, excess fur.

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Peggy Sue got groomed! This precious pup was found abandoned in Watts, California. She was picked up off the street and treated to a doggy spa day. Skittish at first, Peggy Sue quickly warmed up to everyone after losing all the grime and gloom weighing her down.

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Courtesy Wahl and GreaterGood.org

This sweetheart now has a forever home thanks to the dedication of some kind people, who picked up this pup and cleaned him up.

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