The Virginia shelter who cared for 5-year-old Wiffle Ball, who has lymphoma, doesn't know how long he has left

Among the items on Wiffle Ball’s Christmas list this year are McDonald’s french fries and Pup Cups from Starbucks.

He’ll get all those things and so much more thanks to a family who adopted the pup with terminal cancer, according to WGN TV, who reported the story.

The adorable pooch has been plagued with health problems since he arrived at the Richmond Animal League in Virginia. The 5-year-old terrier mix tested positive for heartworms (he had a very severe case) and later came down with pneumonia. Once he improved, the doctors next discovered he had lymphoma.

There came a point when the shelter decided it was time to just make the pup happy, no matter how long he had left.

“Wiffle Ball has survived so much since coming to RAL, but now he has cancer he is not going to overcome,” says a Facebook post shared on Dec. 16, with a video of the dog going to the McDonald’s drive-thru. “The least we could do is give Wiffle Ball a very good day at the end of a very bad year. That day was today.”

Wiffle Ball devoured the french fries and seemed to enjoy the car ride — and in the second part of the Facebook message, there was a little hope.

“Someone is coming to meet Wiffle Ball on Sunday and wants to adopt him,” it read. “We’re going to do all that we can to make sure he has many more good days in the coming weeks. Thank you all for supporting us and making days like today possible. Love.”

A few days later RAL posted a photo of Wiffle Ball with his new family, which received over 700 likes. “Here’s a Going Home photo we all love! Merry Christmas, Wiffle Ball!” it said.

The dog’s friends couldn’t be happier that he’s found a place to spend the rest of his days. “If any animal deserved a great home it’s Wiffle,” wrote Ellen Mickey on Facebook. “This baby has been through so much…heartworms…and now cancer…and yet is one of the sweetest dogs I know. Have a great life baby, you deserve every minute of it.”