Are You Kitten Me? Shelter Cat Has Hilarious Reaction to Finding Out She Is Pregnant

Ulla, who was rescued by Greenland's Dyrenes Venner, is expecting 4 to 5 kittens

Parents can be shocked to find they are pregnant with twins, so imagine what it’s like to find out you are having 4 to 5 kids.

Ulla the rescue cat recently got this fur-raising news, and luckily there was a camera there to capture the moment.

According to TODAY, Ulla arrived at Greenland’s Dyrenes Venner animal shelter in April after being found wandering the streets on her own.

Shortly after arriving at the shelter, Ulla started to get a little plump, and staff members didn’t think it was from the kibble.

Courtesy Tone Frank/Dyrenes Venner

The 1-year-old tabby was taken to a veterinarian to get an ultrasound, where it was revealed that the newly-pudgy feline was actually pregnant with 4 to 5 kittens, Dyrenes Venner tells PEOPLE.

A board member for the shelter, Tone Frank, was at the appointment and took photos, which have gone viral, as Ulla got the news.

Now, while it’s hard to say if Ulla is really registering what is going on, the photos seem to tell the story of an unsuspecting mom getting some major news.

There’s shock:

Courtesy Tone Frank/Dyrenes Venner


Courtesy Tone Frank/Dyrenes Venner


Couretsy Tone Frank/Dyrenes Venne


Courtesy Tone Frank/Dyrenes Venner

And then a jump straight into acceptance!

Couretsy Tone Frank/Dyrenes Venne

Thanks to Dyrenes Venner, Ulla’s kittens will never have to spend a day on the street. The shelter says that the mama cat was recently adopted by a loving family that is complete with two dogs and another cat. Ulla’s new pet parents plan to keep and care for Ulla’s babies, which should arrive any day now, until they are old enough to be spayed/neutered and adopted out to their own loving homes.

To learn more about Dyrenes Venner and the work the organization does to save Greenland’s animals, visit the shelter’s Facebook page.

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