Magellanic penguins Howard, Georgia, Fitz, and Mercedes from the Shedd Aquarium were allowed to tour the Chicago pop-up exhibit before it reopens to the public

The Shedd Aquarium penguins are making some new friends!

The Chicago facility's Magellanic penguins Howard, Georgia, Fitz, and Mercedes, took an exciting field trip to the FRIENDS Experience on Michigan Avenue — which includes a replica set of the hit 90's sitcom Friends.

"The birds walked through exact replicas from the recognizable set, experiencing new sensations and sights, like Joey's penguin pal Hugsy, adding variety to their day as part of the aquarium's welfare plan for the penguins," a press release from Shedd Aquarium about the adventure read.

shedd aquarium penguins
Credit: Shedd Aquarium/Brenna Hernandez 

In photos shared by the aquarium, the penguins can be seen exploring Monica Geller's apartment and the iconic Friends café, Central Perk.

Amid closures due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Shedd Aquarium has been working to keep its penguins stimulated. Last March, they took a group of their rockhopper penguins on a tour of the facility's other exhibits, sharing the adorable outing in a series of Twitter updates.

Shedd Penguins

The facility also welcomed four new Magellanic penguin chicks in May through June. Not long after their births, the chicks were already "getting more mobile and curious" and were learning to socialize with other chicks and their caretakers.

shedd aquarium penguins
Credit: Shedd Aquarium/Brenna Hernandez 

The Shedd Aquarium hopes that guests come to visit its penguins and other animals soon as the city of Chicago begins to reopen. However, for those not ready to visit the aquarium in person, the facility also provides was to connect with their aquatic world virtually.

Meanwhile, The FRIENDS Experience will reopen to the public on Wednesday, March 17. Tickets are available online now.