The Shed Defender keeps dog hair from getting on your couch and car, and also helps you pup stay warm and calm

By Kelli Bender
January 10, 2018 03:07 PM

Dogs are near-perfect creatures.

Their few, very marginal, faults being that they love to drop their hair everywhere and they make some people sneeze.

Shed Defender is here to put an end to both of those problems.

The new product looks like a leotard for dogs, but supposedly does so much more than just provide amazing Instagram photo fodder.

This invention keeps your pup from shedding on the car, couch or anywhere they are wearing the acrobat-chic outfit. Instead of leaving the hair behind, the pooch bodysuit collects the hair to be washed out at your convenience.

Credit: Shed Defender
Credit: Shed Defender

By keeping dog hair away from humans, the Shed Defender also helps cut down on the spread of canine dander and other allergens, making it an ideal style choice when visiting a friend who loves dogs but is slightly allergic to them.

Credit: Shed Defender

In addition to these perks, the Shed Defender also claims to help pets stay calm — by working like a Thundershirt to keep them warm and serve as a replacement for the dreaded “Cone of Shame,” since it prevents licking or biting of sensitive areas, too.

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The Shed Defender comes in sizes meant to fit every dog, from Chihuahua to St. Bernard, and is machine washable. Find it on