Sadly, the French bulldog wasn’t born to swim

By Helin Jung
Updated April 19, 2010 04:43 PM

Olympic snowboarder and pro skateboarder Shaun White can’t walk down the street anymore without somebody recognizing him. Pilots cheer when he boards a plane, chefs send out more food than what he ordered, on the house. But White stays grounded thanks to his ultra down-to-earth personality, close family ties and best of all, his caramel-coated French bulldog Rambo.

When White is home in Southern California, he enjoys taking Rambo to a dog beach in Del Mar, where the petite pooch usually tumbles straight into the water.

“He’ll charge out after all the big dogs, but then he’ll catch a wave in the face like, ‘Uggghhh,’” White tells

The only trouble is, French bulldogs aren’t very good in the water!

“You can just see him, he wants to stay out there so badly,” White says. “But they don’t swim in the slightest, they just sink. That head weighs ‘em down.”

White has been trying to train Rambo out of his lust for the water – by putting him in the backyard pool.

“He freaks out, and I let him sink a bit, then I get him out of there,” White says. “I’m at least trying to get him to the point where, if he is in there, he can find the stairs.”

White and his older brother Jesse are promoting a new line of clothes and shoes for Target, which they designed. One design featured a screen print of Rambo’s model mug, and it was one of their bestsellers. Next stop on the fashion frontier? Dog clothes!

“That would be the best thing,” Jesse says. “We really should get on that.”