Watch Sharks and Dolphins Team Up to Prey on Fish in New Clip from National Geographic's SharkFest

SharkFest is surfing onto National Geographic and Nat Geo WILD starting July 19

There’s more to the relationship between sharks and dolphins than meets the eye!

In PEOPLE’s exclusive first look at Sharks vs. Dolphins: Blood Battle, one of the many programs featured in National Geographic and Nat Geo WILD’s SharkFest — which begins on Sunday — audiences will learn about how the two very different species can actually work together under the right circumstances.

“I think it’s a mistake to think of this conflict between dolphins and sharks as a zero-sum game. When it’s in balance you end up with a healthy, functioning ecosystem,” says an expert featured in the program.

Sharks vs. Dolphins: Blood Battle, which premieres Monday at 10:00 p.m. EST, follows a team of experts to Shark Bay, Australia, to closely examine the complex relationship between the two marine animals.

Filled with stunning underwater footage, the program also shows dolphins and sharks teaming up together in order to prey on a school of fish.

“When there’s a big bait school in the water, all these sharks and dolphins are collectively working together, collaboratively preying on all these little fish. When the ocean provides, it’s almost like the sharks and the dolphins have called a cease-fire so they can meet in the middle and take down their prey,” adds another expert. “With sharks vs. dolphins, there’s not ever a clear-cut winner or loser, it’s just nature.”

Shark Week
The sharp teeth of sand tiger sharks are arranged in irregular rows to capture moving prey. Didier Noirot/Courtesy National Geographic

Another highlight from the first week of SharkFest programming is Most Wanted Sharks, which will swim onto a screen near you on Thursday.

Most Wanted Sharks travels the globe to get a closer look at the world's most famous sharks. Leading the shows "sharkarazzi" is Jeremiah Sullivan — a marine biologist and shark suit inventor.

Thanks to his expertise and deep appreciation for sharks, Sullivan will take viewers face-to-face with some of the Earth's largest sharks, including a great white shark that has the reputation of eating other great whites.

The first three weeks of SharkFest will happen on National Geographic, followed by another two weeks of TV about these fascinating underwater predators on Nat Geo WILD. This solid five-week block of shark-filled television will include 17 original premieres and hours of captivating content from National Geographic expansive archives.

Tune in to Most Wanted Sharks and more when SharkFest starts on Sunday, July 19, on National Geographic.

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