Get One Last Bite of Summer Shark Fun with SharkFest's Final Night

National Geographic's SharkFest is concluding after 5 weeks of fin-filled programming

Shark Week
The sharp teeth of sand tiger sharks are arranged in irregular rows to capture moving prey. Photo: Didier Noirot/Courtesy National Geographic

National Geographic's SharkFest, a 5-week block of shark-infested programming, is about to reach its thrilling conclusion. After over a month of jaw-some content on National Geographic and Nat Geo WILD, the TV event is swimming into its final night.

The 8th consecutive SharkFest, which started on July 19, will end on August 21. This year, the televised celebration of the apex predator featured a great white sized lineup with over 17 original premieres and five weeks of shows that covered over 30 different species of sharks. By its end, SharkFest 2020 will have featured more than 500 hours of underwater filming and facts from over 50 experts.

National Geographic was able to make this all happen thanks, in part, to the captivating content it can pull from its expansive archives, which allows National Geographic and Nat Geo WILD to create shark programming based on jaw-dropping science and research that often seems too wild to be real.

There is still a chance to catch a bit more of SharkFest, which is now on Nat Geo WILD. On Friday, August 21, starting at 6 p.m./5 p.m. CT and running through to 11 p.m. /10 p.m. CT, Nat Geo WILD will be playing fin-to-tail episodes of When Sharks Attack Deep Dives. Fin fanatics can also catch up with SharkFestspecials On Demand and on the Nat Geo TV app.

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