The sharks were seen in the waters off of Myrtle Beach

Beachgoers in South Carolina got the surprise of a lifetime when they saw a group of sharks in a feeding frenzy close to shore.

According to WBTW, Tara Savedge and her husband saw the sharks in the waters off of Myrtle Beach, where they were vacationing from Richmond, Virginia, on Monday morning.

“I saw my husband kind of pointing down at the beach to me and then he made a shark fin with his hands over his head,” Savedge told the outlet.

Her husband then quickly told their children to get out of the water, and Savedge pulled out her phone to record a video of the feeding frenzy.

“We saw a whole bunch of fish jump and then the fins showed up right afterward,” she said. “We just couldn’t believe there were so many of them.”

“It was an awesome sight!” she added to WNEP.

In the footage captured by Savedge, a large group of fish can be seen flying in the air and splashing back down into the water, followed by several shark fins.

After the sighting, Savedge said, lifeguards cleared the area for the next hour to make sure everyone was safe.

Savedge told WBTW that she heard the sharks might have been spinner sharks, which are named for the spinning leaps they make as they feed.

“The lifeguard said they were about four to six feet long,” she said.