Shannen Doherty dressed up her dog, Miz Bowie, as herself post-chemo for Halloween

By Alex Heigl
Updated October 31, 2016 05:38 PM

Shannen Doherty’s battle with breast cancer has been very public and very moving. Amidst the stars who have reached out or discussed her battle with her — Alyssa Milano, Chelsea Handler — there’s someone who probably hasn’t gotten as much credit as she should: Doherty’s dog, Miz Bowie.

While Doherty herself dressed up as a cowgirl for Halloween, Bowie went as her human, and Doherty posted a pic of the pair ready to hit the town on Instagram.

Bowie does have her own Instagram account, though you’re far more likely to see her pop up on Doherty’s.

The 45-year-old began another round of chemotherapy in August. Doherty has been chronicling much of her recovery on Instagram, with a post showing her recovering post-chemo and another of her exercising, which she has called “the key” to her recovery.