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Pet Owners Swear by This Cooling Harness for Dogs That Overheat Easily

“My dog is visibly happier and can get exercise above 84 degrees”
By Emily Belfiore
July 12, 2021 09:00 PM
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Summer can be rough, especially for your furry friend. If your dog struggles in the heat, Amazon shoppers have discovered the ultimate solution in the Sgoda Cooling Dog Harness. While it may look like your average pet harness from the outside, the cooling vest uses evaporative technology to prevent your pup from overheating when temperatures rise

The harness is made from a three-layer cooling fabric, which features a breathable mesh for temperature regulation, and performs in a similar way to an ice pack — just soak the harness in water and stick it in the freezer. The water vapor will disperse across your dog's body and keep them cool. The harness also reflects the sun's rays for added relief from the heat. Pet owners have their choice of sizes XXS to XXL, and the pet vest's adjustable zipper system (it has two zipper options you can choose from) and hook-and-loop neck closure ensure a comfortable and secure fit

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Buy It! Sgoda Cooling Dog Harness, $32.95—$46.95;

In their reviews, Amazon shoppers were impressed with the impact the vest made on their pups that do "not do well in the heat." One was so blown away, they raved: "I am so glad that I bought this." Many noted that the harness has a no-snake design and that its reflective exterior creates higher visibility at night.

It's an especially good buy for dogs that refuse to go for their walks on hot days. "My [Staffordshire Bull Terrier] hates heat above 75 degrees, and especially with the warm sun in L.A., she's been miserable on any walk during the day for the last few weeks," wrote one reviewer. "We just went on a 30-minute walk in 75-degree weather with a strong warm sun, which would normally involve lots of hiding in the shade and panting hard when we got home, but she stayed cool as a cucumber." Another added: "The vest fits great and makes a huge difference. My dog is visibly happier and can get exercise above 84 degrees." 

One shopper also said that they've noticed a decrease in their dog's panting since introducing the cooling harness. "We put his vest on him, and stick him in front of a soft breeze, and it cools him down and remedies the panting," they shared, adding that their Yorkshire Terrier also suffers from Cushing's disease. "He'll even fall asleep with it on because it keeps him cool (not cold)." 

For one shopper, the pet vest even helped improve their dog's overall energy levels on their hikes together. "[On] prior hikes, he just stops and sits," the customer wrote. "With the vest on, his energy level stayed up. It made a huge difference. It stayed wet for a few hours. [The] top dries really fast, but the underside was still wet and providing relief."

Help your furry friend beat the heat with the Sgoda Cooling Dog Harness. Grab the innovative pet harness on Amazon today.