June 30, 2017 12:03 PM

Happy Friday to us!

PEOPLE’s Pet Vet, Dr. Evan Antin, stopped into the PEOPLE Now studios in N.Y.C. on Friday morning to talk all things animals. And he brought with him two very special guests, dogs Calvin and Oscar, available for adoption now through the Best Friends Animal Society.

But Dr. Antin wasn’t just here to help these loveable little guys find homes: he also had a lot of advice for potential pet parents on adopting a new animal, and answered viewer questions about food, care and more.

The Sexiest Veterinarian Alive also talked about some of his craziest exotic animal encounters, including one with an orangutan in surgery and another with an opossum he once saved.

Catch up with Dr. Antin in the clip above, and be sure to catch his weekly advice videos on PEOPLE.com every Tuesday!

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