The comedian’s pup Frisbee gave her blessing by barking during the September ceremony

By Lorina Lana and Amy Jamieson
Updated October 08, 2013 05:30 PM

Seth Meyers’s dog Frisbee was involved in his engagement to lawyer Alexi Ashe, so it was a given that the tiny pooch would play a big part in their September nuptials, too.

“The dog came down the aisle,” Meyers, 39, told PEOPLE at Gotham magazine’s “Men’s Issue” release party in New York on Monday. “[Frisbee] had a leash that had a bowtie on the end of it. Even though she is a lady dog, we thought a bowtie would be good.”

But the bowtie wasn’t enough for Frisbee, who found another way to draw attention to herself on the big day (though we think she was just giving the couple her blessing).

“We got married on a farm, and the dog barked a couple of times at some passing sheep,” Meyers said of the ceremony, which was held on Martha’s Vineyard. “But one of our flower girls was very good. She just threw her in her lap with her dress over her and then Frisbee fell asleep … she passed out.”

While the couple hasn’t been married long, it sounds like Frisbee has already brought the newlyweds good luck.

“So far, it’s great,” Meyers jokes of their new lives. “We’re six weeks in and we are absolutely killing it.”