PawBoost helps reunite animals with their families thanks to a community of more than 3 million pet lovers

By Kelli Bender
February 20, 2019 04:08 PM
A lost dog flyer posted on a wooden fence
Credit: Getty

When a pet goes missing, it can be hard to sort through the worry and fear, and decide what you need to do to find your furry friend.

PawBoost is working to make this worst care scenario as short and painless as possible.

Describing themselves as a service akin to an AMBER Alert, PawBoost uses their tools and resources to reunite missing pets with their families fast.

So far, since starting the 2014, the service has helped over 350,000 pets return home. The key to PawBoost’s success is their Facebook community.

When someone loses a pet, all they have to do is report the pet missing on PawBoost Facebook page for their area; this will trigger notifications to all PawBoost email subscribers and app users local to the lost pet. The missing pet is also added to PawBoost’s lost and found database and a printable flier is created for the concerned owner to distribute around their neighborhood.

Of course, you don’t have to wait for your pet to go missing to interact with PawBoost. With over 3 million pet lovers making up the PawBoost community, the service has a reach that makes a difference when it comes to finding missing pets. This is a community any animal lover can become a part of at anytime, by following their local PawBoost page on Facebook, subscribing to their email list and downloading their app.

By joining PawBoost, you have the chance to help the service reunite lost animals with their families. PawBoost also allows individuals who have found pets spread the news quickly, so the animal can end up back in their owner’s arms.

Some say it’s a dog a eat dog world out there, but PawBoost shows it’s a dog help dog world too.