The 14-year-old Jack Russell terrier became a sensation after his 11-year-old owner set out to give him a fitting farewell

By People Staff
September 21, 2012 04:45 PM

In his final days, 14-year-old Bingo went on walks with his best friend and enjoyed treats sent to him from around the world.

But all that might not compare to this: “Bingo will go to heaven on a marshmallow cloud that will have a chocolate water slide for dogs,” Bingo’s owner, 11-year-old Cole Hein, said in a statement announcing the Jack Russell terrier’s death.

The dog made headlines earlier this year when Cole created a “lick it list” for the loyal pooch, a service dog who had been given to him to help combat a medical condition that causes him to stop breathing.

Bingo was trained to alert adults that Cole was in need of CPR by barking, and had helped save the boy’s life several times.

In recent months, Bingo had been experiencing declining health due to old age, and was euthanized Tuesday.

As part of his list, the Canadian boy had wanted to take Bingo on walks around the block, and had asked for him to be sent dog treats from around the world. The Jack Russell had been with the Hein family since 2005.

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