August 12, 2015 08:45 PM

Yolanda is making all the right calls.

The service dog recently saved her visually impaired owner, Maria Colon, from a fire in their Philadelphia home by contacting 911, reports The Dodo.

Colon was asleep in bed when the blaze broke out. She woke when she was overwhelmed by the smell of smoke and called out for Yolanda, yelling, “Danger!” – a word the dog has been trained to react to.

Yolanda heard her owner’s call for help, assessed the situation and reacted quickly, running to the telephone and pressing the emergency call button.

The committed canine’s quick thinking connected the dog to emergency operators, who sent a response team after hearing the dog’s distressed barks.

Having notified others of the “danger,” Yolanda rushed to Colon and led her safely out of the burning home. Both Yolanda and Colon were treated for smoke inhalation but received no other injuries from the fire.

What could have been a deadly incident became a heartwarming rescue story thanks to Yolanda’s smarts and dedication. This isn’t the first time the dog has sprung into action, according to Red Paw Emergency Relief Team’s Facebook page. Yolanda also called 911 in 2014 after Colon fell down and was knocked unconscious.

Our volunteers just dropped off food, toys, treats and supplies to Yolanda, who is a service dog for her owner, who is…

Posted by Red Paw Emergency Relief Team on Thursday, August 6, 2015

After receiving the necessary medical treatment at their respective hospitals, Colon and her loyal pooch were happily reunited.

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