Prince and Princess are living at The Piper Assisted Living and Memory Care until they’re ready for a forever home

By Amy Jamieson
June 28, 2017 04:54 PM

Foster parents help lay the foundation for a stable forever home.

Seniors living at The Piper Assisted Living and Memory Care facility in Kansas City, Kansas, are doing just that, thanks to a brand new program from the Great Plains SPCA.

As a part of the Senior Foster Friends Program, two kittens — a boy and a girl named Prince and Princess (of the Piper, get it?) — are now living in the community room at the facility, where residents and staff play with them, feed them, and, as you can see from the sweet video, give them plenty of cuddles.

The residents care for these cuties and, in a way, the kittens care for them right back.

“A staffer recently emailed us that one man, who prefers to keep to himself, recently came out of his room to spend an hour playing with the kittens in the community room!” says shelter communications manager Lisa D’Souza.

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While the babies acclimate to the comforts of a home outside of a shelter, the seniors could reap real health benefits too, since studies show that animals help reduce stress and lower cholesterol, among other things.

“Our experience at The Piper has been extremely positive,” says senior living counselor Kim Steakle. “It brings a lot of joy and happiness to residents and staff. Who can resist a darling kitten?! To watch the resident’s immediate response to cuddle and listen for ‘the purr’ is so sweet.”

They have announced the kitties’ “bon voyage” party already to prepare the residents for their departure in a week’s time. “We also have told the SPCA that we will be ready for new ones,” Steakle adds. “Keep them coming and everyone will be happy!”

To help the shelter care for more animals like these, donate via its website.