Senior Rescue Dogs Form a Special Friendship That Was Worth the Wait

Before they met each other, both Clarence and Nougat were afraid to open up to other dogs

Photo: Courtesy Vintage Pet Rescue

Two tiny pups have formed a big friendship.

Before Nougat the Chihuahua arrived at Rhode Island’s Vintage Pet Rescue, Clarence the Pug spent most of his life around plenty of pleasant pups, but never really connected with a fellow canine.

Ten-year-old Nougat, weighing in at just 7 lbs., changed everything. The sweet Chihuahua recently left a shelter in Providence, Rhode Island and arrived at Vintage Pet Rescue, a non-profit dedicated to saving senior dogs and giving them a space to happily live out their golden years.

Courtesy Vintage Pet Rescue

“Nougat was really shut down at the shelter in Providence. He avoided me in the play yard and jumped off my lap immediately,” Vintage Pet Rescue co-founder Kristen Peralta said. “But when he met Clarence, Nougat really started to blossom.”

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The same went for Clarence; the usually ambivalent pooch immediately opened up to Nougat. Now, the pair spend their days together, side-by-side, holding paws, taking walks and cuddling more than anything else.

Clarence’s comforting presence has helped Nougat open up to life at his new canine retirement home and enjoy the TLC the staff provides.

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“Nougat is a completely different dog,” Peralta said. “It’s yet another reminder that you really can’t judge a dog by how they act in a shelter environment.”

Courtesy Vintage Pet Rescue

Since the pair are best friends, it should be no surprise they are planning to wear matching pumpkin costumes this Halloween.

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