Paxton, 12, is best friends with Polly, found outside at a few days old
Dog raises kitten
Credit: Courtesy of Morgan Webb

Paxton, a 12-year-old Labrador retriever, immediately became best pals with Polly, a days-old blind kitten found crying inside a thicket of trees one chilly night last September.

When Morgan Webb brought the tiny kitten inside and started giving her a bath to remove the fleas covering her body, Paxton stood close by; once the bath was complete he sniffed and nuzzled this new addition to the house.

But it was the errant drops of kitten milk from a bottle that spilled onto Polly that led to their instant bonding.

“Paxton would lick, lick, lick her, and he fell in love, ” the 30-year-old Webb tells PEOPLE. “I think that is where their relationship really started.”

Dog raises kitten
Morgan Webb and Polly the night she was found
| Credit: Courtesy of Morgan Webb

For weeks, Polly appeared to be blind, as she wouldn’t follow a light or a finger with her eyes. During this period, Paxton would gently lick Polly’s half-opened eyes and snuggle next to his new friend.

“She would be in a room standing so still, I think she heard his nails and she would go bolting over to him,” says Webb of the reciprocal strong feelings Polly had for Paxton, “and this was when she couldn’t see.”

Once Polly’s sight developed, she began following Paxton all over. If they are separated, Polly “throws a fit.” “If he is outside and she is inside, she will cry, cry, cry,” says Webb. And if Polly is out and Paxton is inside, he lays by the door waiting for her return.

Dog raises kitten
Credit: Courtesy of Morgan Webb

“I think he sees her as a dog, as a little sister,” Webb says, noting that her three other cats also enjoy snuggling with Paxton. “And now that she is older, he thinks of her as the little sister he has to tolerate.”

And the duo never fails to lift the spirits of Webb and her husband. “If we are having a bad day, they warm your heart and turn the day around,” she says.

“They make us laugh and smile, it’s heartwarming. They truly love one another.”