Tessa the 12-year-old dog was abandoned by someone who was supposed to care for the pup after her original owner moved

By Kelli Bender
May 01, 2017 03:48 PM
Credit: Courtesy of South Yorkshire Pet Ambulance

At 12 years old, Tessa is looking for a home again.

The senior dog was recently found by the South Yorkshire Pet Ambulance, according to the service’s Facebook post, abandoned in an English field on a wet bed with a note and some supplies.

The emergency pet service found the confused but friendly canine tied up at five in the morning. After looking over the items discovered along with the dog, the rescuers found a note from the person who left her behind.

“The dog (Tessa) is 12 years old. (Tessa) is not my dog. My neighbor told me that Tessa is chipped. My neighbor asked me if I would take charge of Tessa. As my neighbor has planned herself a new life in (Canada.) Reluctantly I said yes (but) I did know I will not keep Tessa,” the note reads.

Credit: Courtesy of South Yorkshire Pet Ambulance

It goes on to explain what Tessa’s favorite treats are and that the dog’s original owner was happy knowing the dog was in good hands, before signing off with “I don’t need a dog.”

Unfortunately, Tessa was not in good hands, because the person left to care for her thought it was okay to abandon the dog in a fairly remote location in hopes she would be found. South Yorkshire Pet Ambulance took the pup in, fed her a warm breakfast and transferred her to a nearby Dogs Trust in Leeds for rehoming. Tessa appears to be unharmed from the incident and should be up for adoption soon.