All About Selma Blair's New Service Dog Scout and Her MS Now: 'I'm Doing Really Well'

The actress, and this week's PEOPLE cover star, shares an update on her health and the positive impact her service dog Scout has already had on her daily life

Selma Blair Rollout
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Since receiving her Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis in 2018, Selma Blair has become a lot more open-minded about leaning on her tight-knit support systems and accepting any and all forms of assistance that enhance her daily life.

Last December, the actress and Mean Baby author, who is still plenty independent and capable on her own, thanks in part to the positive effects of her hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) in 2019, welcomed a service dog into her family: an attentive and energetic English Labrador puppy named Scout.

"I realized there's been a big shift in my attitude over the last few years, for the better," Blair, 49, tells PEOPLE in the latest issue. "A real miracle was that I realized what support did for me. I'm a single mom, and I am alone a lot with my kid, and I wanted legitimate support."

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Blair's neurologist recommended she consider a service dog for the potential physical and emotional benefits.

Selma Blair Rollout

"It's a big undertaking, and he's still young, not yet two, but he's a tremendous gift," says Blair of bonding with Scout. "He's with me all the time. If I fall into a big [muscle] spasm or have some trouble moving and need to recalibrate, he can get between my legs, help me get up, and balance me. It's given me a lot of independence."

The Cruel Intentions star says Scout has "kept me moving and helped me build stamina" and also received the all-important seal of approval from her 10-year-old son Arthur (with her fashion designer ex Jason Bleick).

"My son, when he goes to his dad's, he loves knowing Scout is by my side," says Blair. "And I didn't realize he had concerns about my mobility or safety."

With regard to her health and living with MS, the actress says she "is in a good place."

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"I'm doing really well. I'm in remission with the MS. And everything's looking really good," she says. "There was a lot of shifting with my physical and emotional abilities after that last big flare of MS."

Blair admits that while she's seen tremendous improvements to her physical well-being post-HSCT procedure, she is still dealing with involuntary vocal spasms — often with her trademark sense of humor — which she describes as a "kind of spastic, grunting tick."

"I'm sure it's a way of helping me learn to stop talking so much," she quips.

Mean Baby is available May 17.

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