On Monday's Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Andy Cohen's dog Wacha met the man who inspired his name: St. Louis Cardinals' pitcher Michael Wacha

By Dave Quinn
July 17, 2017 03:43 PM

It’s puppy love!

There was a very special meeting on Monday’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohenbetween Cohen’s dog Wacha and the St. Louis Cardinals’ pitcher Michael Wacha — the man who inspired the pooch’s name.

The two Wacha’s came face to face at the end of the episode, uniting on the popular late night show’s new outdoor terrace.

“I don’t know whose belly I want to rub more right now,” Cohen said after watching the sweet union.

The pooch, who nearly bit Savannah Guthrie on the show a few weeks ago, was on his best behavior despite Cohen’s concerns early on.

“You’re going to meet Michael Wacha tonight. You better not f—  it up,” Cohen said on Instagram Stories before the show. “You’re meeting your namesake! I have a bad feeling about this.”

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Luckily all went well. “He was really good with Michael Wacha,” Cohen said after the show on Instagram Stories. “He was sweet.”

On the show, Cohen — a St. Louis native and passionate Cardinals fan — explained how he came to name his dog after the athlete.

“I was sitting home the night that I rescued my dog, and there was a Cardinals / Dodgers game on and Michael Wacha was pitching,” he said. “And everyone in St. Louis was going, ‘Wacha! Wacha!’ And I was like, ‘That’s a great name for a dog!’ “

Asked if it makes him feel uncomfortable, Michael Wacha was totally sweet about

“It’s awesome,” he said. “You’re calling Wacha and I never know if you’re calling me or the dog. It’s all good.”

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