March 10, 2016 06:00 PM

Even dogs go into mom mode.

A terrified pup surrendered to the Marin Humane Society in California transformed when she was reunited with her litter of loving little pups. Now this heartwarming moment can transform you, thanks to a video taken by the shelter’s staff.

In the clip, the defeated-looking momma dog,  recently left behind by her family, is seen cowering in the corner of her cage. Soon her face brightens and her tail begins to wag as all of her puppies are placed into her cage — right at her paws 

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According to FOX 13, the mother, Cora, was surrendered at the shelter with another dog. While workers were examining her, they realized she had recently given birth. The Marin Humane Society contacted Cora’s original owners and asked them to bring in the puppies as well, for both the health of the little pups and the happiness of the mom.

Cora is now one content canine. After recognizing the furry babies being transported into her cage, Cora’s ears go up and her tail starts wildly wagging. No longer lost in her secluded world, Cora greets each of her puppies and then lies down to let them nurse and calm down. It was a display of mommy devotion that left the staff of Marin Humane Society misty-eyed.

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