See How Celebrity Puppy Parents Are Celebrating National Puppy Day!

Lin-Manuel Miranda, Betty White and more can't imagine life without their fur babies

Photo: Source: Mario Lopez/Instagram

Just like the moms and dads of human babies, puppy parents always have a photo of their child on hand to show off.

So it’s no surprise that on National Puppy Day, social media is clogged with photos of precious puppers and praise from their owners.

Among those proud parents are plenty of celebrity dog owners who are happy to celebrate their sweet little fluffy balls.

Even if some of these canines are past puppy age, their famous folks don’t care, because to them they will always be their babies.

Take a look at how Betty White, Usher and more are celebrating the canine children that bring joy into their lives every day.

Patrick Stewart

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Mark Hamill

Mario Lopez

Eliza Dushku

Julianne Hough

Betty White

Jane Goodall

Lin-Manuel Miranda


The Backstreet Boys

Giada De Laurentiis

Donny Osmond

Colton Hayes

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