Ashley Larose of Ontario, Canada, had her porch visited by a hungry and clumsy bear with an appetite for pumpkins — and the homeowner caught the whole amusing incident on video


Yogi Bear should be proud.

Following in the cartoon creature's footsteps infamous for filching picnic baskets, a bear in Ontario, Canada, attempted to steal a tasty pumpkin off a porch in Sudbury.

According to UPI, Ashley Larose's home security camera caught the animal in the act. Footage from the bear's clumsy crime shows the animal rolling a large pumpkin off Larose's porch. The weight is too much when the bear attempts to pick up the gourd, and the pumpkin bowls the bear over. Eventually, the bear stumbles out of sight with the pumpkin bobbling between its mouth and paws.

Larose told Storyful that what you don't see in the clip is the bear scarfing down several of the more miniature pumpkins she just put on her porch. After the animal feasted on Larose's more manageable autumn decorations, it went after the larger pumpkin.


The bear didn't end up enjoying its last and largest pumpkin course. Larose said she found the large pumpkin still intact left behind a few meters from her porch.

"It must have been too much work on a full tummy," Larose said of the incident.