Sean and Catherine Lowe's Dog Ellie Dies: 'Before All the Bachelor Stuff, There Was Ellie'

The couple paid tribute to their pup in reflective Instagram posts on Feb. 24 and 25

Catherine and Sean Lowe
Photo: Catherine Lowe/Instagram

Sean and Catherine Lowe are mourning the loss of a very important family member.

On Feb. 24, Sean posted a farewell to his dog Ellie, "the best dog in the world," as he wrote on Instagram.

"Saying goodbye to a dog is just the worst," the former Bachelor star, 37, captioned a series of photos reflecting on Ellie's puppy days through her more recent years. "Before Catherine, before my kids, before all the Bachelor stuff, there was Ellie."

Taking a more light-hearted turn, he added, "My kids will never measure up to her greatness and I will let them know that daily. Now please enjoy this depressing carousel of pictures."

In her post on Feb. 25, 34-year-old Catherine —who wed Sean in 2014 — wrote of how much the family already missed their pup.

"Thank you for letting me be your dog mommy and being the most patient, obedient, loving friend," she shared alongside her own Instagram gallery of photos. "You have been so loved Ellie girl and I'll miss you every day. Thank you for opening your heart to us a sliver because we know your heart belongs to your daddy."

The "us" includes the couple's three childrenMia Mejia, 1, Isaiah Hendrix, 2, and Samuel Thomas, 4, featured in several of the photos along with Ellie.

In November 2016, the family said goodbye to dog Lola; they had to put the pup down after she lost the ability to walk and stand up due to a genetic disease.

"Easily one of the toughest "grown up decisions" we've ever had to make," Sean wrote of putting Lola down. He added, "We'll see you when we get there sweet Lola."

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