Edwin Hubble and George Washington Carver both spent a few months getting to full health at the National Aquarium in Baltimore

By Kelli Bender
May 29, 2019 03:03 PM

And they’re off!

Edwin Hubble and George Washington Carver are now riding the waves of the Atlantic Ocean — that’s Edwin and George the seals … not the famous scientists.

Until their release on May 23, both of the seals had been resting up at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. According to the aquarium, both of the wild sea creatures were picked up by The National Aquarium’s Animal Rescue team after the seals lost their way.

Edwin was rescued at the end of March “after traveling out of the normal range for grey seals; heading south all the way to St. Augustine, Florida,” according to the National Aquarium. He was brought back to Baltimore, where rescuers discovered the seal was underweight.

George was discovered closer to Charm City in April. He washed up on the shore of an Ocean City, Maryland beach and was rescued by the Maryland Coastal Bays Program and the National Aquarium’s team. George arrived at the aquarium with superficial wounds, a respiratory infection and a low weight.

Courtesy of the National Aquarium
Courtesy of the National Aquarium

Both he and Edwin, named after influential scientists as part of the National Aquarium’s 2018-2019 animal naming theme, enjoyed some much-need rest and relaxation until they were back at full health.

Courtesy of the National Aquarium

“Both have gained weight and responded well to treatments,” the National Aquarium said in a statement about the pair’s rehab time. “They also enjoyed spending time interacting with enrichment devices to maintain foraging skills for their return to the ocean.”

Courtesy of the National Aquarium

Edwin and George were released together on a Ocean City, Maryland beach on Thursday.

As the video of their return to the ocean shows, Edwin led the charge into the surf, but George quickly caught up with his friend and beat him to the waves first.

Happy trails, Edwin and George!