Maybe if seagulls stole more GoPros and fewer French fries, this world would be a better place

By Maria Yagoda
Updated July 15, 2015 03:00 PM

Seagulls are notorious degenerates. Whether they’re swiping your french fries or simply squawking loudly in your general vicinity, gulls, beach-pigeons, sky-crabs – whatever you want to call them – are rarely welcome guests.

Yet this brave Spanish seagull struck back against negative sea bird stereotypes when he stole a tourist’s GoPro for the greater good and captured breathtaking footage of the Cies Islands in Spanish Galicia.

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After 20 highly suspenseful seconds, the seagull approaches the GoPro camera, snags it with his beak and then proceeds to fly around the gorgeous landscape, filming the scenery with the eye of a seasoned cinematographer.

The seagull safely released the GoPro from his beak after getting the shots he wanted, which allowed the tourist to get his GoPro back and upload the footage.

We’ve heard that Martin Scorsese works in a very similar manner.